About us


Whether you prefer having an animated conversation over a light lunch, a casual chat along with a quick espresso, or just sitting back and enjoying an Aperitivo: Bar Campari offers you a colourful and vibrant slice of Italian life – which is best enjoyed with a Negroni, Campari Shakerato, or Campari Garibaldi in one hand, and one of our Italian delicious snacks in the other. And what could be more enjoyable after a stroll through Vienna’s historic city centre than finding yourself immersed in the flair of an Italian piazza?


The design concept can be summarised as “Art meets Campari” and was holistically realised by architect Matteo Thun from Milan. The works of Italian futurist Fortunato Depero served as a departure point for the concept; it is his designs that have shaped Campari’s brand since the 1920s. Depero’s distinctive style runs through the whole project, from the graphic design down to the colour scheme of the interior, where tones of red, black, and white recreate and enhance the dynamic and lively flair of a typical Italian caffè and bar. But we can tell you a lot, come and feel it yourself, ideally with a Campari Shakerato at the bar!