The Italian way of enjoying life.




It is well known that Italians love to have a cornetto and cafè al banco for quick breakfast. With us you can sit down and enjoy your croissant, cappuccino and freshly squeezed orange juice. For lunchtime we serve you Italian specialities like risotto milanese, ossobuco or carciofo bollito. If your appetite is only piccolo, you can find delicious snacks like focaccia con pomodori, pizzetta prosciutto or a selection of filled paninis. You can also find a selection of fine delicacies in our glas display, next to the bar. Buon Appetito!


Today’s cities and their people are busier than ever. But a true Milanese, like Campari, will not let go of their zest for life that easily. Essentially a remedy for the hectic pace of urban life, aperitivo has become a pleasant and cherished Milanese tradition. Meet old friends and make new ones while enjoying a Campari Spritz, a Negroni or a Campari Garibaldi and watch your workday fade away into a delightful evening. A good companion for your aperitivo is vital. And by exception we don’t mean the lady at your hand, but the small bowls of culinary delights that we serve: olives, cheese biscuits, spiced nuts and crispy potato chips.